Cords & Combustion

Re-Reading Walden's 'House Warming'

This infographic sets Thoreau’s musings – on being a forest warden, heating his hunting hut – in context of British and American debates over forest commons, afforestation, lumbering rights/cycles, and shifting wood/fuel resources seen with the rise of rail transport and timbering.

This board is part of the larger series unpacking the early industrial economies addressed in Thoreau’s Walden (see Re-Surveying Walden).


  • Digitization of Mass. Ind. Census, 1840-60s
  • " British/American Forestry Guides
  • " Fuel Statistics
  • Infographic Board
  • Conference Slides (not shown)


  • Landscape Architecture Magazine (Nov 2017, online)


  • SAH, Environmental Histories (2014)
  • CELA, Cartographic Research (2015)