ReSurveying Walden

Mapping Walden and its Glocal Resource Relays

Building off the economic critiques of Thoreau’s Walden, this series traces the regional ice industry mentioned in “The Pond in Winter” and explores Boston’s rail-based network of ice extraction, storage and glocal consumption, supplementing Thoreau’s acerbic account with commercial records and policy documents.


See also Cords & Consumption, for visualization of fuel and forestry networks evoked in Walden‘s “House Warming.”


  • Digitization of Census Reports, 1840-80s
  • " Ice Harvesting Guides/Articles
  • Infographic Board
  • Conference/Article Slides & Text


  • Landscape Frontiers, v1 n4 (2013)
  • Ground-Up: Delineations (2016)


  • ASLA Change Agents, Van Alen (2012)
  • Northeastern U., Material Ecologies (2012)
  • NYU Grad Humanities Forum (2013)
  • Cooper Union, Material Networks (2014)