Enabling Emptiness

Mapping Road Salt

These original research mappings trace out the industrial ecologies of roadway melt; the systems that transform our highways, bi-ways, and city streets from seasonably passable, climatically contingent networks to eminently open, logistical lines.


  • original research
  • data cleaning and visualization
  • tabloid map infographics (smudge)
  • article version (scenario journal)


  • Smudge Studio (E. Ellsworth, J. Kruse)
  • 'Geologic New York' show at
  • Studio X NYC /
  • Columbia University GSAPP
  • 1172 Amsterdam Avenue
  • New York, New York 10027
  • Scenario Journal
  • 429 North 13th Street
  • Studio 6A
  • Philadelphia, PA 19123