Aerial Arts

Defense Discourses & Cartographic Critiques

This exhibit and lecture series explored the use of WWII aerial bombardment discourses & maps in the late 1960s conceptual/site installations by Robert Smithson and peers, reworking the hysterical, aerial propaganda of their youth in critique of atomic discourses and civil defense theatre. Shown at Studio X NYC, infographic boards and annotated maps were displayed aside curated children’s & popular propaganda from 1941-1960s.


  • Exhibit Design & Curating
  • Lecture Series & Moderation
  • Infographic Boards
  • Kickstarter Video & Merch
  • + Aerial Defense ID Cards
  • + Mini-map Pins
  • + Reduced scale Maps

Shown at

  • Studio X NYC /
  • Columbia University GSAPP
  • 1172 Amsterdam Avenue
  • New York, New York 10027