Digital Prototypes

Data Viz Tests & Tinkering in Code

While I typically work in print or front-end design/templating, I enjoy exploring the capabilities of data vis animation and use d3 a fair amount to set up underlying svgs for additional styling (see Rights of Nature project). The following tests/tinkering sites span from around 2012-2018, with some live versions remaining, at Making MeasureTerrain & Territory, and a coding blog at Specious Space. I’ve also taught coding for designers – in processing, grasshopper, and p5.js – which can be seen in the final images as well as in 3D/4D graphics.

Prototypes Shown

  • ANT (d3 & js) - stills
  • Agile Armatures (node & js)
  • Call Me Ishmael (node, d3, js, & regEx)
  • Edge Ops: 1845 Census (d3 & js)
  • Making Measure (d3 & js)
  • Terrain & Territory (node & three.js)
  • 2000s Siteations UI (flash, action script)
  • Processing Workshop (processing, p5.js)