3D/4D Graphics

My spatial design background means I can build out complex models, animate vectors or UI demos, and build parametric frameworks to set up dynamic series (see Better Basement Units and Tradigital Drawing for examples of rhino 3D models, stylized). The following selections – from projects and teaching – were mostly produced in Rhino (3D modeling), Grasshopper (parametrics), and After Effects (vector/raster animations).

Projects Shown

  • * = work by students
  • Heuberg Siedlung + (Rhino + Psd/Ai anno)
  • Site Contour tests (Rhino + laser cutter)
  • Microscope stills (Rhino, 3ds Max, AE)
  • Parametric Demos (Rhino, Grasshopper +)
  • Holiday Greeting 2014-5 (Animate)
  • Analysis video* (Rhino, Grasshopper, AE)
  • NOAA Parametrics* (Rhino, Grasshopper +)
  • CUNY Studio pitch (Premier Pro, AE)