Religious Life

by siteations • 2017/04/27
Religious Life, after Luther and Gutenberg Newberry Library Apps to Explore Material Culture & Geographies of Religious Print As part of on-going project for the Newberry Library, I'm developing two applications that explore the interaction of print culture and religious change. What you see above and below are some process materials (follow links for mock-ups). One exhibit application [...]

Actor Network Tool

by siteations • 2016/11/30
Actor Network Tool Making (Non-Coder) Tools for Weighted Systems & Materio-Socio Feedback A modified sankey/ fluvial diagram tool, ANT is meant for visualizing connections in DH/Environmental Humanities web exhibits, showing both directionality and the overlay of social actors with networked processes. Currently, I'm developing a demonstration version, testing interface options and modifying the d3.js code [...]