Religious Life, after Luther and Gutenberg

Newberry Library Apps to Explore Material Culture & Geographies of Religious Print

As part of on-going project for the Newberry Library, I’m developing two applications that explore the interaction of print culture and religious change. What you see above and below are some process materials (follow links for mock-ups). One exhibit application leads viewers through the sources and uses of Polyglot bibles; the other guides visitors through the intimate religious geography of Venice, linking print production and everyday practices of devotion in the 17th century hub of European trade. Currently, I’m developing UI mock-ups and live demos in a mix of sketch, framer, illustrator, photoshop, and javascript, creating customized geographic components that build from d3.js and vanilla js/svg. Evolving source-code at github.

(This is largely a summer ’17 project, but I was so excited to start tinkering with ways to make svg-clipped tiles for displaying rich archival images and maps…)

Venice - React App - Working Version
Evolving Explorations of Venice
Frame/Process Videos
Prototype & Feature Videos

Examining the Impacts (and Intensities) of Print.