MLA Studio II

Urban Systems: Research Driven Spatio-Social Propositions & Prototypes

Course design samples from:

Core studio approach was to introduce the analysis and diagramming of sited systems and their spatial forms – working from aerials (anywhere), gis, and then on-site exploration of Red Hook – to identify interesting concerns/conflicts and their socio-spatial footprints to address (vacancy, remediation, or preservation code and its’ alignment with sustainable retrofitting). Weekly board submission paced teams as they identified system components, social alliances, staging and phasing processes, and iterated through formal manifestations and expected spatial experiences. As the second design studio in the graduate sequence, students had to demonstrate the ability to articulate how urban/infrastructural/landscape materials affect areas, compose a ‘kit of parts’ to address system effects and demonstrate a grasp of the spatial and temporal concretization of those elements in their own visual language.

Student projects from:

  • Kate Jirasiritham, selections from Red Hook Remains: The New Dialogue
  • Wing Tang & Maja Råby, selections from Resilient Red Hook
  • Jacquie LeBoutillier & Elizabeth Gilchrist, selections from Revere & Beard: Thor Remediation
  • (bottom) Robynne Heymans & Anna Ceraulo Jalazo, selection from Re-Thinking Red-Hook

Re-Thinking Red-Hook

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