PSFP Digital Archive

Site Design & Data Viz

The Prairie States Forestry Project (PSFP) Digital Archive holds maps, planting records, and historical photographs that document the tree-planting efforts of the New Deal’s massive Prairie States Forestry Project (1935-1942). I contributed the overall styling for the website, including coded components (scss/ruby) and data-viz prototypes (d3/ruby). The project is on-going, with soft launches in late 2022.


  • Visual Design & Mock-ups
  • SCSS & components
  • Ruby-on-rails samples
  • D3 prototypes


  • + Sarah Karle, PSFP proj. lead
  • + Karin Dalziel, CDRD lead dev.
  • in collaboration at:
  • + Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
  • + University of Nebraska at Lincoln