Landscape Logistics

Mapping Material Metabolisms

When teaching graduate landscape courses at U Penn and City College of New York, much of my work focused on helping students use (geo)graphic tools to unpack and communicate culturally-complex and ecologically-wicked systems. Samples of student work seen below are fairly representative, produced in (order) an independent logistics research seminar, design research class, thesis studios, and a material metabolisms seminar.


  • Course Syllabi & Assignments

Student Work Shown

  • Christine Facella
  • + An Overview of Trash (LAAR 69100)
  • Mike Smith
  • + Crude Frontiers (LARP 780)
  • Ashley Drexler
  • + Kathmandu Catchments (LAAR 66100)
  • Fern Lan Siew
  • + Phytoremediation research (LAAR 64150)