The Green New Deal

Projections & Precedents

Starting from Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s House Resolution, this project illustrates the Green New Deal (GND) to convey the 5 goals, 14 projects, and 15 processes for generating a just economic transition to sustainable energy, agriculture, and industry. The series uses an isotype vocabulary – derived from Rudolf Modley’s work from the New Deal –  to show embedded enviro-socio processes, explain the organization opportunities of the GND, and dissect precedents from the 1930s.

What follows are initial poster drafts and early work on the project (May 2019), trying to figure out the basic outline and graphic approach. To that effect, it’s a much looser series of sketches and project shots: some are sketches embedded in environmental and legislative research; some photos are simply samples from New Deal graphic precedents; others are process layers and action shots from printing itself. From a printing perspective, this will be my first large series. I’ll evolve the poster designs as I go – using spot color, ink gradients, and manual irregularities – to provide a sense of tactile, human-scale agency to the GND mission.


What we can see, we can be.

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