Green New Deal – Echoes & Imaging

What we can see, we can be

This incomplete series was inspired by the Green New Deal legislation (HR-109, 2018/19) and the call for designers and artists to imagine and ‘image’ potential, sustainable & equitable futures. While I didn’t finish a full visual translation of HR-109, I have used the series research – into interwar isotype and WPA infographics – as inspiration for my courses and lectures on different ideas of adult education, public engagement, and community participation processes & comms.

For a completed GND graphic (along similar lines), see Green New Deal + Red Vienna..


GND Resolution elements

  • At top and bottom of period visuals:
  • + 5x8 visual translations
  • + spreads for projected projects
  • + misc sketches (on articles)

New Deal Research Pieces

  • + SCC: Little Waters
  • + PA WPA: Laborgraphics
  • + NRPB: Mississippi Planning
  • + WPA infographics (misc.)
  • + USFS: Here Are Forests
  • + USFS: Possibilities of Shelterbelt Planting
  • + REA: Electricity on the Farm