Urbanisms & Logistics

Interrogating Urban Metabolisms, Networks in Research Seminars

Course material samples from:

Core seminar materials included contemporary readings on the history of urbanism and landscape, object-oriented-ontology, and systems thinking within architecture, landscape, and urbanism. Student’s graphic research projects compiled, analyzed and visualized the components of ‘service spaces’ as a first step toward identifying leverage points and intensities of impact for design intervention. Student in courses were typically second and third year MLA graduate students.

Research samples from:

  • Christine Facella, selections from An Overview of Trash (LAAR 69100 Landscape Logistics, 2016)
  • Helen Yu, selections from Brickmaking Processes (LARP 780 Extended Urbanisms, 2014)
  • Mike Smith, selections from Crude Frontiers (LARP 780 Extended Urbanisms, 2014)

Infrastructural Ecologies & Economies

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