Ceasefire Now Tatreez/Thobe Patterns

Poster supporting end of Israeli Attacks / Genocide in Gaza

Based on traditional Palestinian tatreez (embroidery) patterns, this graphic show the skyline of Gaza growing out of an olive tree, beneath which sit two families, including doctors, press agents, pets. Along with referencing thobe (dress) panels, the geometric design also incorporates Jaffa oranges, doves & olive branches, and the traditional ‘fishnet’ of keffiyeh (scarves), modified as clouds & waves, in a river-to-the-sea repeat.


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proceeds go to medicines san frontiers



  • bw & color posters
  • - Chicago resolution support
  • - Thobe border patterns + panel
  • bw & color repeats
  • mockups & silkscreens tbd

Personal Project

  • timed to Chicago Ceasefire Resolution
  • aligned with Jan 2024 strike for Gaza