Wish others a Happy Holidot with your festive family portraits & winter imagery...

Save & Share Stills and Gifs need ideas? browse test gifs here and demo walk-thru for instructions on use.
[Camera capture works best in Foxfire; even from https, Chrome security will reject access... enjoy the upload/stock options.]

1) pick festive icons

same options as in opening animation

winter accessories,
holiday treats,
or mixed icons.

2) smile for a holiday snapshot

Have Your Ugly Holiday Jumper On?

. . .

use candid captures / stock views / uploads:

uploads (1200x600 min)

3) preview your still image

Happy? Proceed. If not, try again.

4) load/reset and run options

Animation just below. Gif appears at bottom.

Opt. 1) pause animation

Pause may lag, beta bugs.

Opt. 2) save jpg or png frames

Pause animation to contol frame saved.

5) save gif (~30 sec render)

GifShot.js may throw error, hit 'continue'.

animation and gif-output are set sizes (non-responsive) because pixel-modulo math (i.e. resampling) works best with set sizes

your gif will appear below when rendered...

Happy? Right-click and save or reload options to make a new version.

Gif condensed to 900x450 pixels, 10 fps for crisper images.
Host at http://giphy.com and post away! Upload to gmail as an inline image and send to family & friends.

Icon Credits: modified imagery from Andrey Vasiliev, Fuat ┼čanl─▒, Maria Kislitsina, Arthur Schmitt, Oksana Latysheva at the Noun Project.
Code Credits: animation by Meg Studer/Siteations Studio using p5.js, webcam.js, gifShot.js, jQuery, and all-the-blobs available in Html5.