Fall Finals 2016

A critic’s view of projects & pedagogy at IIT, UIUC, OSU, & UT

I had the pleasure of sitting on a few review panels this term. Below are ranging samples from 1st and 3rd year MLA studios at IIT (led by, respectively, Eric Ellingsen, Ron Hendersen and Martin Felsen); 3rd year undergrad and graduate work at UIUC (images from Brad Goetz and Connor O’Shea’s studios); 1st and 3rd year graduates and undergrad studios at OSU (led by Matt Seibert and Katie Jenkins,¬†Forbes Lipschitz, and Jason Kentner); and preparatory reviews with Bradford Collett’s MLA students, as they finalized LAF case-study boards.

I’m still ferment my observations – on the different approaches to design and the strategies for engaging with core landscape knowledge¬† – so those thoughts will be posted later. That said, as I lean toward communicating with general audiences (as opposed to landscape practitioners), I find it incredibly useful to see how and where students grapple unsuccessfully with systems hierarchies (weighting actors and decisions) and organizational implications; those sticking points (spatial and social) are what we really need to convey in developing informed, agitative constituencies.


Spatial Explorations, Systems Explorations