Actor Network Tool

by siteations • 2016/11/30
Actor Network Tool Making (Non-Coder) Tools for Weighted Systems & Materio-Socio Feedback A modified sankey/ fluvial diagram tool, ANT is meant for visualizing connections in DH/Environmental Humanities web exhibits, showing both directionality and the overlay of social actors with networked processes. Currently, I'm developing a demonstration version, testing interface options and modifying the d3.js code [...]

Fall Finals 2016

by siteations • 2016/11/29
Fall Finals 2016 A critic's view of projects & pedagogy at IIT, UIUC, OSU, & UT I had the pleasure of sitting on a few review panels this term. Below are ranging samples from 1st and 3rd year MLA studios at IIT (led by, respectively, Eric Ellingsen, Ron Hendersen and Martin Felsen); 3rd year undergrad [...]

Design Pittsburgh

by siteations • 2016/10/06

details coming soon

Hello from Chi-town

by siteations • 2016/08/15

details coming soon