Bitspace Curriculum (Beta) is Live

by siteations • 2019/03/17
Bitspace Curriculum (Beta) is Live Illustrations & Web Design for Makerspace Startup This winter, I've been helping develop a curriculum platform at Bitspace, a makerspace startup, for use in k-12 maker education here in Chicago. My role, as illustrator and web designer, has been to a) give graphic form to abstract concepts and b) help [...]

Gardenworks Website up!

by siteations • 2018/12/29
The GardenWorks Project Website Design & Development The GardenWorks Project is a non-profit in West Chicago, focused on using allotment gardens to address food insecurity. I've done various branding for them during 2018 and redesigned/redeveloped their web site in November 2018. Good Enough to Eat The overall GardenWorks design relies on colorful vegetable content and [...]

O’Christmas Trees!

by siteations • 2017/12/25
Happy Holiday 2017: O'Christmas Trees   Another year, another holiday greeting. Lucky me; as others spend time on their annual update letter, I get to play around motion design, code packages, and, well, whatever else calls to me. So, after a few years of animations and gifs (etc.) this year pulls from internet archives! The [...]

Civic Scripting (tutorial)

by siteations • 2017/11/24
Civic Scripting Lesson API's & Animating with jQuery  For Andrea Hansen's course at UVa, I developed the following tutorial and demo, to explore svg animation with landscape students. As she taught mapboxGL and d3.js to architecture and design students, the idea was to enable them to make their own dom selection functions (atop jQuery) and [...]

Religious Life

by siteations • 2017/04/27
Religious Life, after Luther and Gutenberg Newberry Library Apps to Explore Material Culture & Geographies of Religious Print As part of on-going project for the Newberry Library, I'm developing two applications that explore the interaction of print culture and religious change. What you see above and below are some process materials (follow links for mock-ups). One exhibit application [...]