Bitspace Curriculum (Beta) is Live

Illustrations & Web Design for Makerspace Startup

This winter, I’ve been helping develop a curriculum platform at Bitspace, a makerspace startup, for use in k-12 maker education here in Chicago. My role, as illustrator and web designer, has been to a) give graphic form to abstract concepts and b) help structure how lessons unfold, whether they are simple tool introductions or elaborate, semester-length assignments. Now that we’ve launched the beta version, I look forward to editing (and expanding) the curriculum’s diagrams.

Imagery below is quickly sampled from working web layouts, final lesson views, and current illustrations.


My contract role on this project was as an illustrator and web designer for the curriculum platform. The larger curriculum team has been led by the awesome April Chancellor, curriculum director, and guided by Sam Goldstein, curriculum lead, and Bobby Swainhart, as media content coordinator. Web development (wordpress/php) was done by Webfitters.


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