Prints, posters, and other agitprop materials are posted here for download, order, and donation. Currently, I’ve only loaded materials for the first Green New Deal poster, featuring Red Vienna, but I’m planning to add another print/precedent a month for the remainder of 2020. All proceeds  will be evenly split between the Metropolitan Tenants’ Organization and the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Follow the links to learn more about their advocacy and aide work.

Green New Deal + Red Vienna

The Green New Deal + Red Vienna

Like so many projects, this series began as a tweet and a touch of frustration with how we imagine ‘sustainability.’ Why do we put up with the 19th century’s visual tropes of distant prospects and passive parks? As the Covid recession and a rising Abolitionist movement have underlined, our ‘visions’ for combatting climate change must foreground everyday environmental justice, sustainable socio-economic relationships, and keep pace with the Green New Deal’s own policy ambitions.

To that end, this initial Green New Deal precedent poster pulls from Red Vienna’s iconic graphics and integrated social & housing programs. Not only were similar ‘Vienna Method Pictorial Statistics’ incorporated in the New Deal’s publications – for the Soil Conservation Service  and the Rural Electrification Administration –  but there’s also been plenty of discussion of Red Vienna – as a precedent for GND programs – in publications like Jacobin. See the tabs, above, to learn more or to download and print your own copies.

Each poster is based upon the ‘plan’ graphics from the Linz Housing Exhibition of 1929, designed by the graphics team at Vienna’s Museum of Society and Economy. Each reflected quarter shows the typical social services, architectural elements, and labor programs that were active in Vienna from ~1919 to 1934, as inspiration for equitable recovery initiatives today.

For all orders below, shipping is set to USPS priority (avg. $7.50). If you don’t mind a wait, I can send via media mail and will donate the difference. Note your preference in the optional comments section at checkout.

For those who aren’t familiar with Red Vienna, download this project guide.

This pdf offers a quick introduction to the poster-project and Red Vienna. Links and references are provided to: Red Vienna primary and secondary sources, GND-Vienna discussions, and GND Resolutions & Acts. The core pages ‘decode’ the original social and building programs represented and provide searchable references.

Download the poster with no bleed or crop-marks.

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Instagram slides (10) coming soon.

GND-Vienna (others)

Poster format is 18″ x 24″ portrait, printed on glossy, 80Ib paper.

For individuals, I’ve set up sliding scale pricing, starting at $2 a poster. All proceeds, above those baseline material costs, will be split between the Metropolitan Tenants’ Organization and the Greater Chicago Food Depository. You pay for materials, shipping, and whatever donation you deem appropriate given the current eviction and food insecurity crisis.


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GND-Vienna (organizers)


Poster format is 18″ x 24″ portrait, printed on glossy, 80Ib paper. They have not been tested for wheat-pasting bleed (use at your own risk).

If you’re an organizer or activist, I’m happy to support the cause and will ‘donate’ posters (limited time) to those seeking to get the word out. You pay for shipping only.


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