meg studer

Trained as a ‘researcher’ and a ‘maker,’ I aspire to craft graphics and experiences that inform and invite engagement. As a designer, my passion is integrating big(ish)-data with visual narratives and geographic expression. A curious and creative technologist, I move fluidly between pop-up installations, print, animation, front-end, and back-end development. Ultimately, I love drawing out the connections between our consumptive habits and cultural footprints.

Currently, I teach in IIT’s landscape architecture masters, but I’m always looking for energetic collaborators and inquisitive environments. I love contributing to intense, impactful campaigns that engage people with social, material, and environmental systems.


Notes & Updates


* Please pardon the state of construction. Full copy and credits to be posted with project graphics by December 2016.


Working Toolkit


Photoshop, Lightroom 14yrs
Illustrator, InDesign 11yrs
After Effects, Premier Pro 8yrs
Flash/Animate, Dreamweaver 6yrs
Sketch, Framer 1yrs

Black fill indicates technologies taught.


ArcGIS, Python 8 yrs
Processing, Php, MySQL 4 yrs
Html, css, xml 5 yrs
Js, jQuery, d3, leaflet 3 yrs
CMS (wp, omeka, drupal) 4 yrs


AutoCAD, 3Dmax 14 yrs
Rhino, Grasshopper + 10 yrs
Laser-cutting, Die-cutting 10 yrs
CNC, 3D printing 8 yrs
Arch/Exhibit Construction, Lighting 12 yrs

* I also do management, but only when mixed with ideation, design, and execution. I enjoy the crafting of concepts, graphics, and code too much to hand everything off…


Links to Active Web Projects, Creative Coding Blog

* See github for links to various testing pages/tinkering projects like poetry generators (js), camera-app color recognition testing (js), and working experiments. Full links to be posted by December 2016.

Launching Soon
E3: Energy, Emissions, Externalities
Metrology + d3
Making-Measure: The Universal Dictionary
Visualizing State Statistics
Edge Ops: Antebellum Census Surveys
Working Code + Commits
GitHub Repositories
Php + Flickr API + MapBox
Hipocraphies or Hipster Geographies
Python + Streaming Data
Grasshopper Components
Coming Soon
Split Estates (coal): js/coffeescript animations


Links to Syllabi

digital media

research seminars

studios workshops

* Additional course materials available on request. Student samples to be posted by December 2016.